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About us

About us

Our company was founded in 2003. The initial hardships were overcome through their enthusiastic and modest work, which enabled them to become one of the three major DVD authoring studios in Hungary and to work for the most important companies of the local market in the heyday of DVD productions (Best Hollywood Kft., Budapest Film Kft.).

In 2009 we broadened our scope of activity with Blue Ray production. Having produced hundreds of DVDs and a number of Blue Rays, as soon as the decline in the DVD market was to be anticipated, we founded a film distributing company – Ristretto Distribution Kft. – with 50 % ownership.

This is when we got a taste of the world of cinema and it seduced us straight away. In addition, it was the very beginning of digitalization in the Hungarian cinemas and we felt the change at first hand. Our first film was distributed to movies on 35 mm copies and our last solely on DCPs.

Soon enough we experienced the lack of affordable and quality DCP localization, cloning and mastering in Hungary so the niche market was open for us to fill in 2012.

Film distribution proved to be an exciting digression for us but our true vocation had always been the delivery of high quality technical solutions so we decided to dedicate all our energy to this activity. Our decision was instantly rewarded by the market and our partners: it did not take long to become a significant stakeholder in the market with satisfied customers whose number continuously grew due to the recommendations of our partners.



By now, movie theaters with little exceptions use digital technology, i.e. DCP (Digital Cinema Package) instead of 35 mm copies.

DCDM (Digital Cinema Initiative Distribution Master) production

The high quality, even lossless conversion of the original material into DCDM format.

DCP mastering

The conversion of materials with different speed, resolution and format (2D/3D, 2K, 4K) into DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives) standard encrypted or unencrypted DCPs to be used for films, short films, advertisements, logos.

DCP versioning

Interleaving dubbed audio tracks and/or subtitle streams into DCP, which can optionally contain the original language version with foreign language subtitles and dubbed audio versions as well. Adding logo blocks, ratings to DCPs, (2D/3D, 2K, 4K, encrypted/unencrypted) production, conversion and spotting of subtitles is included.

Insert replacement

Replacing foreign language inserts in trailers with target language ones (videos to be sent before/after).

Generating KDM

Generating access codes for encrypted content.

Cloning DCP

Cloning ready DCPs optionally to HDDs provided by our clients or to ones leased to them. This invariably includes the quality control (hash check) of the cloned DCP.

DCP repairing

Data errors that prevent movie servers from playing a DCP can occur with any digital material, and we are ready to correct most of these.


Converting the material into the formats required by the VoD service provider (UPC, Telecom).

Broadcast file

Production of broadcast files for televisions according to specifications.

DVD production

Production of test DVDs, even from DCP.

Blu-Ray production

Production of Blu-Ray discs, even from DCPs.

Spotting and conversion of subtitles into any format.

As a partner of Qube Wire, we were the first to establish a digital delivery system for DCPs in Hungary in 2023. We are proud to have played a pioneering role in the domestic film industry with this step.

With our system, all independent cinemas in Hungary are accessible, so our partners can quickly and securely deliver films to cinemas with a few clicks.

Digital delivery offers numerous advantages over the use of physical data carriers, including that every DCP that once goes up into the cloud remains available in the future, ensuring a backup from them. Digital delivery reduces carbon dioxide emissions as there is no need for physical transportation, faster than with physical drives, around the clock seven days a week.

Nearly 90% of the films that go to cinemas in Hungary are delivered through the Qube Wire system.


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They work very fast and very meticulously. I am absolutely satisfied with their work.
Kinga Csalló

Freeman Entertainment head of production

Vertigo used to have a number of contractors and looked for new partners to cooperate with in the fields of authoring, DCP mastering, etc., but we were never really satisfied. Ever since we work with Cut-Pro (and that's a long time), we don't even listen to the offers of other companies. It is not needed. They are the best and most reliable professionals in the country and their prices are just normal.
Balázs Berta

Vertigo Media Ltd. owner/general director

We work with Cut-Pro for three years. All our requests were fulfilled with a tight deadline and in excellent quality - in addition, they showed unbelievable flexibility even when they had to make amendments due to the faults of their clients. Almost 20 films produced by them make me believe that I could well order pizza from them: they would deliver one beyond expectation.
Viktor Dudás

Chief advisor for the Umbrella organization for Hungarian Public Service Media




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